Hostal Villa Colonial Frank y Arelys

Para el disfrute de toda su familia / For the enjoyment of all your family


This is the building in a corner of the park, opposite the Hotel Mascotte, where once the fonda of chinos and later had different destinations. In the works for the 500th anniversary, it was completely remodeled by the company Cubanacan. Inc. it became an entity of sale of alcoholic beverages and soft drinks in convertible currency (CUC or other). The characteristics of this center are respect for the architecture it has. Parts of the walls of mud brick and stone walls, bricks and mud, at various angles shown. On the wall to the right of the entrance you can see a false door has a knocker shaped face, all made in the wall itself, in mud, which was made entirely by hand resembling wood. Ceiling lamps and wall were bottles that were cut and sanded. All work is entirely handmade decoration.
It has a heated cellar of about 4 meters deep, about 3 meters wide by 5 long, where wines are sold and can be sampled on site. It has on its portal and tables in front, on the outside, also tables with umbrellas, which was subsequently placed opening.