Hostal Villa Colonial Frank y Arelys

Para el disfrute de toda su familia / For the enjoyment of all your family

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You can communicate to be informed about the lodging service, foods or to coordinate you lodging according to you convenience. . Send us your reservation to our email.
Antonio Maceo Street No. 43, among Avenue General Carrillo and Fe del Valle.
Villa Clara
53 - 42 - 396274
+53 - 52475726
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Miscellaneous Information:

If you make a reservation, please fill in the following:

1- Confirm your reservation 48 hours prior to their entry to our hostel. You can call from houses, hotels, pay phones or send a message to our mobile. (If you do not confirm it is possible that the room is not available upon arrival).

2- Remember: Original and visas (tourist card) Passports.

- Our Mobile: +53 52475726. (You can send a message 48 hours before arrival to confirm your reservation)

- If your phone works in Cuba, please send us the number (+ country code) to contact only if necessary. Thank you.