Hostal Casa Villa Colonial Frank y Arelys

Se sentirá como si estuvieras en casa / You'll feel home

Interior decoration

Sample image Comfort for excellence are our slogans, everything you need to make you feel in a familiar and natural environment.

The Terrace

Covered terrace on the second floor and terrace on the third floor surrounded with more than 80 varieties of plants with a beautiful view of the city.


You will feel living in the distant past surrounded of a pure style of the XIX and XX centuries..


If what you want is to reach a natural environment where it welcomes just have to go out to our patio, freshness and ambient sound is what you enjoy.




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Las Parrandas Remedianas

The origin of Las Parrandas in Remedios takes place since 1820 when the Asturian priest Francisco Vigil de Quiñones, “Francisquillo” (for your short age) had the idea  to give to the boys of the neighborhood of Camaco, the most populous in the village, noisy instruments: rattles, hooters, grills, cans full with stones, making sounds along the streets unceasingly, being able this way to wake up the neighbors so that they attended the Midnight Mass that took place in the dawns from   December 16 to 24.
 This initial religious reason was supported by the incorporation of the town and their neighborhoods, San Salvador (Rooster) &  El Carmen(Hawk), beginning to compete to see who would make much sounds ,being this the principal characteristic .    
Both neighborhoods compete with artificial fires, streetlights, works of squares and coaches, during all the night (December 24) until the next day. 
 La Parranda, considered officially as National Traditional Party, is considered a cultural identity in Cuba, but its more distinctive characteristic is its inheritance or legacy that  has been transmitted for more than hundred years from generation to generation to show every year the happiness of living in Cuba.